The Help II

Okay, so you  need to go read the review here which is amazing.  Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you read all of the comments that follow.  Wow.  Are people feeling heated over this, and apparently, not all of us are kind, smart or important!

I went to see this movie with my buddy Gail last night and this comment from the review summed up my feelings.  I’m off to find the book after work.

“…I loved the movie. I have never gone from laughing my butt off to crying my eyes out so many times in the span of a couple of hours, and everyone else in the theater seemed to be on the same ride. I also thought it was brilliantly cast.”

It was brilliantly cast.  I’ve gotta say I was freaking out to see Cicely Tyson.  I haven’t seen her in anythign in a while and the character reminded me strongly of her character in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman. Cissy Spacek had me howling and Viola Davis (Aibileen) from Eat, Pray, Love and Octavia Spencer (Minny) from The Soloist were just too wonderful for words.  Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly Holbrook) from Eclipse was a really great villain.  Yes.  I sincerely hope this gets several Oscars!

Then there was etomczyk’s comment (about halfway down the list) that had me leaping over to her blog which is funny and smart.  You know how I appreciate funny and smart.


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