Earth Wonders Photo Challenge: Light

So, Ana’s challenge for this week is light.  To join the challenge go to

Sugar Hill, NH

I was driving up here Tuesday and have to say how much I loved the way the light and clouds played with the mountains.


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9 responses to “Earth Wonders Photo Challenge: Light

  1. A J

    It’s a beautiful shot.

  2. so peaceful 🙂 love it. you got a great eye sweetie. thanks for joining ‘Earth Wonders’ with this amazing shot. I just wish it would be larger to dive in 😀

  3. wow!! I’ve just click to enlarge the photo and had it full screen. so cool 😉

  4. jan

    Waah! I miss home!

  5. jan

    Believe it or not, there is quite a difference between here and there–there is a lushness and depth to the landscape I have yet to see here, though there are some beautiful places around. It could be the difference between what my heart sees, but I really think not–the landscape here is harder looking. No hiking trails nearby–and yep, WM is close enough to get there (if i had more time–!) but darn novel is kicking my a** right now….:(

  6. Nie shot Jen- That is so beautiful!

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