Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic?

WordPress Prompt.  This is a HORRIBLE question!  How is one to choose?!  Okay, I could probably pass on food, since I’m not necessarily adventurous when it comes to dining.  Books or films?  If I HAD to choose, then books.  Films often include foreign films that are so artsy that I can’t follow the scope.  Books I can sink my teeth into not matter how boring, pretentious or badly written.  Thankfully I don’t meet too many books that I don’t like.  Right now I’m reading:  (Wikipedia Plot Summary) “In Chile during the 1840s, Eliza Sommers is a young Chilean girl raised and educated by English Anglican siblings Victorian spinster Rose and strict Jeremy Sommers, and their sailor brother John Sommers, who are colonists living in the port of Valparaiso, ever since they found her on their doorstep, and taught in the art of cooking by the Mapuche Indian Mama Fresia. Over most of Part I, Eliza’s origins and upbringing, and her maturity are told. Eliza falls in love with Joaquin Andieta, a young Chilean man who is concerned about his mother, living in poverty. The young couple have an affair, ultimately resulting in Eliza getting pregnant. Soon, news of gold being discovered in California reaches Chile, and Joaquin goes out to California in search of a fortune. Wanting to follow her lover, Eliza goes to California, with the help of her Chinese zhong yi (physician) friend, Tao Chi’en, in the bowels of a ship headed by a Dutch Lutheran captain, Vincent Katz.”

I’m still in Chile and she’s just met Joaquin — interesting but not wow so far.



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3 responses to “Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic?

  1. jan

    I loved this book, probably should do a re-read.

  2. Is there anything you haven’t read?! 🙂 What are you reading right now?

  3. jan

    Too much I haven’t read!! Right now–nonfiction: Cities of God about lay every day religious life in the communes 13th and 14th, Medicine of the Italian Universities, 12th thru 16th, and fiction: Margaret Frazer and her newer series (I love her, but too many nuns and monks are sleuths–though her writing is superior to ANYTHING out there–her sleuth in the new series is a player, actor and musician named Joliffe. What else (always have more than one going :)) ? The Borgia Bride, though more Renaissance than Medieval and another like it, Leonardo’s Swans. I have too many books going because we’re on vacation and so some books stayed behinde because they are library books. I recently read Game of Thrones (win it or diiiieee) and LOVE IT. Gotta see it, too. Do you have a kindle or nook? I am really considering it, spacewise and $$ wise. I use Kindle for PC and kinda like that.

    Back to getting Lenzo up to snuff. Finished the draft. Hate all of it. Need some distance.

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