So the Hollister and I went to Rockport for the day.  It was amazing.  What a wonderfully relaxed laid back day.  My favorite picture of the entire day was the beagle with the sunglasses…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went by the stores where Sandra Bullock bought Sailor’s Valentines and it was cool to see some of them and to find the lady who makes them is from New Hampshire.

Each one unique and very beautiful.



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4 responses to “Rockport

  1. I like this- and love the slide show effect! I love that you are out doing and seeing fun places…….

  2. Snydeen, I was so pleased to see your comments about the sailors’ valentines at Joncien on Bear Skin Neck Rd. I am the creator of these precious works of art. I am now a follower of your adventures and love your photography. My husband and I love to travel around New England at all the beautiful places on our motorcycle. Thank you again for your kind words about my craft. This past weekend I dropped off to Joncien a sailors’ valentine that is 22″ and has an acrylic painting of the Motif in the center and the name Rockport done in tiny seashells. I love this town and happy to see it featured in your blog. Marci Chamberlain

    • Wow! It’s so cool that you read my blog Marci, and even more cool that you commented! Thank you. I really do love your sailor’s valentines. Beautiful, beautiful work.

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