In Style October 2008

Okay, so I’m finally getting over Meg Ryan’s divorce.  It must be difficult to be a celebrity with everyone’s expectations…  I wanted her to stay the sweet gamine I loved from You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle.  Sigh…  We all grow up and move on and I guess it’s time for me to make that same trip when it comes to Meg.  That being said, I still get to love the Meg Ryan that shines through in those movies, and her wardrobe. 

I was watching You’ve Got Mail today and I still tear up over the scenes where she talks about her mother.  I miss my mother too.  No she wasn’t likely to make me cocoa, but she would make me laugh and tell me everything was going to be fine.  It doesn’t help that as soon as fall hits my heart turns to thoughts of the holidays.  She always made the holidays special.  Sigh…



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6 responses to “Style

  1. Per usual, you crack me right up, Jenny! I love that you admit to having trouble getting over Meg and Dennis’ divorce. Hilarious confession. Care to do so crafting for the holidays? I’ll make you some cocoa!

  2. Kate

    It\’s pretty much common knowledge now that he cheated on her throughout their entire marriage, so I really think you shouldnt mind their divorce 😉

    • Thanks for the comment Kate. I think you misunderstand my upset. It’s with Dennis for messing around in the first place and messing up the dream team! Understandably she became a bit harder. I’m not sure “mind” is the word I would use, as it’s not my place to feel anything, which was kind of the point of the blog.

  3. Karen

    Considering the fact that he cheated on her for many years while they were married, it really was no surprise they got divorced 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Karen. Yep, the only surprise is that she hung in there as long as she did and then thought Russell Crowe was a good idea (not). She’s a strong woman and I’m glad to see she’s doing alright. Two adopted children must keep her busy, but I’m hoping to see her in something soon. Preferably with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

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