Life in Five Minutes

(An idea stolen from Angela’s Blog

1. Snyders have no major changes happening with (God’s help) the exception of a change of attitude.

2. My energy level has been dropping exponentially, and I refuse to discuss how many pounds I need to work off, but G Man and Alan have agreed to  start exercising with me on a regular basis.

3. Trying to think up service our family can offer that we can fit in with what we’re already doing since there is literally no where to take it from.  Kinda tough with me teaching early morning seminary and then off to work for the day, and Alan working third shift and the rest of the family shifting somewhere in-between. 

4. General Conference has started and I’m so happy (  I need the blessings, the admonitions and the loving kindness that comes from our church leaders.  I somehow missed opening session and the stupid DVR didn’t record it.  Thankfully I WAS able to watch the second session.  I loved Elder Carl B. Cook’s talk — that we need to look up to relieve anxiety, burdens and suffering, and to be forgiven, healed and strengthened.  Look up.  Step up.  Cheer up.

5. Manly Man’s paperwork is finaly all submitted for his church mission.  Click here to get a small (albeit a bit dated) glimpse into his life for the next two years.    We now wait to hear where he is going.  I’m not certain I’m ready for him to be gone for two full years.  He was just gone for one full year and I sure missed his strong but quiet spirit around the house.  If two nice young men come knocking on your door wearing name tags that indicate they’re from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, do me a favor — offer them a glass of water.

6. Despairing over the budget as medical bills pour in faster than funds.  Nothing to do here, but have faith that God will make a way.

7.  Soon begins my busiest time of year in the individual service area.  I run the annual craft fair at work, the rose fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation at work, I work the Women’s Committee fundraiser, shop for Christmas for ladies at a local nursing home, etc.  I do not say all this to say how great I am, cause I’m not, but to say how nervous I am that I won’t be able to participate and will lose the amazing blessings that come with these services.

8. The house is in need of work.  Some chore type and some cosmetic, but also some structural.  Ugh.

9. I am not coming to terms with whatever is going on with my skin.  Mostly because “I don’t know” from your doctor totally sucks.

10. I made it to G Man’s soccer game today, where we sat in the rain, but still had fun watching the battle. 


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