new shoes

so, the first thing I want to share is this quote from an article in the Upper West Side News (How fun is that?  Reminds of the neighborhood newspapers here at home). 

“Women Search Far and Wide for Extra-Wide Shoes”  Andrea Eiquier  Upper West SideNews Volume #1 No. 19, September 15-29, 2011

 “I inherited my mother’s feet.  They look more hobbit than human – wide and flat, with the beginning of a nobby bunnion on the left one.  They would be perfect for fording streams climbing mountains barefoot.  But in contemporary Manhattan, in a world of rail-thin women in spiky Manolos, my feet are like a fat friend who’s perpetually single.”

I ended up buying a new pair of sneakers (these are actually for biking) while in town (they look and feel great and I got a good price!)  I have very nearly given up hope on new shoes however. I have the same issue of orthopedic ugly or pain, whimp that I am I generally opt for the ugly, but I keep hope alive. 

Speak of neighborhood newspapers, I also picked up a Village Voice, and I have to say it’s barely related to the paper I remember from my youth…  Pages and pages of “adult” ads.  Really.  What happened to activism and arts and science and politics and general fun?  The way of the world…



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2 responses to “new shoes

  1. Oh, Jenny, I *feel* like the perpetually single and fat friend of whom the author speaks! But back to feet. … One Saturday afternoon many moons ago I mustered up my confidence and went into a Papagallos boutique in Harvard Square. (I never felt like my money was as green as everyone else’s.) Trying on a pair of clogs, my feet could not slide in past the ball joint. I do not recall exactly what the young and super-thin sales clerk said to me but I do remember thinking that my feet were made for farming cabbage fields — sturdy stock but not particularly fashion friendly. Sigh. Did you get a pair of these cute suede sneaks? They sure look comfy.

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