the city

85 degrees on a lovely fall weekend in the City.  Wasn’t quite expecting this, but any weekend in the city is always a good time.  This weekend’s top 10!

East River from our Room

1.  The room we were assigned had obviously had someone smoking in it previously so we went back down to the desk to ask for another room.  For our inconvenience they were gracious enough to switch us to a room on the 41st floor.  The room itself was nothing special, but the view was gorgeous, the East River, the Brooklyn(?) Bridge and the Chrysler building!

2.  Brooklyn.  No really.  It was fun shlepping over and going through the warehouse, eating churros and shlepping back again.

Ann Taylor Loft

3.  Shopping – even on a tight budget.  I found a pair of pants!

Cello in the park

4.  Street musicians

Lalos at night. I love the lights in the trees...

5.  Cafe Lalo – we just grabbed dessert to go.  Serious yumminess!!

6.  Tudor Towers (where they filmed Spider Man) gardens.

Hudson River from the High Line

7.  The High Line.  My first visit.  Really nice.  Definitely a place to go and just sit.

Gapstow Bridge with the Plaza Hotel in the background

8.  Central Park – After haggling with a bike peddlar, we agreed to just hike it.  So we headed for Tavern on the Green (still bummed I never got there while it was still a restaurant), saw the Sheep Meadow was seriously crowded, the ball park had games going on, the Carousel was running, the chess and checkers house was busy and we finally found the lovely Gapstow bridge.  We’re saving the boathouse for another time.  There was a parade so we couldn’t get across 5th and ended up hiking all over looking for a place for dinner before we had to catch the bus. 

9.  Meeting Donna from Soul Pretty and traipsing through Chelsea Market and the High Line.  She’s just as lovely and witty in person.

10.  As always hanging with Coreena.



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2 responses to “the city

  1. Oh, thank you…I had a good time with you guys…I hope your friends daughter is o.k…the photos look great.

  2. I barely missed you -I was there Tues and Wed with Brian….again. We need to connect and get caught up- I feel like we haven’t talked forever-

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