EEGs and MRIs

So… let me start this off by saying I’m fine.  Really.  They’re just checking.  I had either a nasty fainting spell or an actual seizure on the airplane last May and they’re checking.   I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was six and have had seizures spaced years apart over my lifetime.  It’s been about 16 years since I’ve had one so I thought I had outgrown them.

I had an EEG last week which was no biggy other than how  cold the room was…  Oh and the fun of cleaning the goop out of my hair.

I was fine with the testing etc until the neurologist  mentioned something about looking for possible brain tumors.  Now the closer the MRI gets the more I’m panicking.  Not to mention I’m not fond of enclosed spaces.  The MRI shouldn’t be too bad (I hope) since it’s just my head and I’m not restrained.  Man.  I’m thinking I should have asked for the drugs after all…  Probably I’m just overtired from running around Manhattan in the heat and sleep deprived from trying to get my house back in order after months of  chaos.



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7 responses to “EEGs and MRIs

  1. Oh my. Of course I’m hoping it’s all nothing and simply a precaution. Yikes!

  2. Laurie Eno

    Jen!! You are in my prayers… as always! Just close your eyes, relax, take a snooze….. the head phones help!

    • Sadly, the ear phones did NOT help. I could barely hear the scratchy music over the sound of the banging. When it first started I hit the panic button thinking there was some type of hospital alarm going off or the machine was about to blow up! : ) In any event, I survived it and I’m sure I’ll get a note in the mail that I am fine.

  3. Oh, sounds like you made it through…I will keep you in my prayers…we hung out all day and I forgot to ask how your bedroom was going…UGH!

  4. sending good vibes too! think positive (and let us know). I’ve a giveaway this month (waiting for you too) xoxo

  5. Oh my gosh- I don’t read your blog for a bit and your dying on me! Keep me posted I am happy to help anyway I can! Love you tons! Hope you are just exhausted and not more medical issues.

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