so how’s it going?

on my winter bucket list…  Not so great so far.  Although to be fair, several are dependent upon snow and some on the calendar.

watch the[ Elm Street] holiday parade – nope.  December 3 when I’m out of town
bake, make and sew my way to a handmade christmas
go snowtubing on a wintery day ($16/2hours, $18/4hours at Pats Peak)
explore the winter landscape
cheer on the teams at a dogsled race – Laconia in February
learn the perfect concoction for spiced cider
head to [New York and/or Boston] for shopping, exploring and a bite at a local eatery -done
enjoy the simple pleasure of a warm bowl of homemade soup – done
make a snow angel
check out the ice sculptures at[ Concord’s first night]
snuggle up under a pile of blankets with a good book and a hot drink
embrace the cold, get out in it, and learn to love winter

Reread the entire Twilight series and go see Breaking Dawn Part I – working on it.  Movie’s out November 18th

go for a sleigh ride – checking to see if this lovely place we went many years ago is still operating.  Again, weather dependent.

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See the Nutcracker performed by the New York Ballet – bought tickets December 3d

Get my scrapbooking ephemera in order

Spend time with each of my closest friends – all over this one, see previous blog entries 

make at least two more recipes with Julia – pulling out the cookbook tonight

Practice my drawing and painting



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3 responses to “so how’s it going?

  1. nice mommm! i love your list! although… nutcracker? without moi?
    *sad face*
    *shoulder shrug*
    le sighhh…

  2. so good to read you. love the way you share your lists, your family and your hometown. make me feel cozy. and that rainbow is amazing!! thanks a bunch for you being you 🙂 xxo

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