Birthday Give Away

So… My 50th is around the corner and I have given serious thought to a birthday giveaway and have decided to do it.  Read the impetus for this here…  I’m excited to have a way to give back to the lovely people who read my blog.  I’ll get pictures of what I’ve gathered and put it online over the weekend along with the rules of engagement.   Many thanks.  Jenny



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4 responses to “Birthday Give Away

  1. Oh, Happy Birthday lady…I’ll be back for the giveaway and will post on my blog when ready…

  2. Oh mummy… What if… I win? Will you just wrap it up as a Christmas present?

    • Well I’m going to use one of those random generator things if I can find one and figure out how to use it, so I guess you’ll have a shot at it like everyone else and, no. I won’t make it a Christmas present. : )

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