Happy Birthday to Me

but the gifts are for you!  Comment below to be entered into a drawing for my favorite things birthday basket.  I’ll figure out how to use a random number generator (random.org – got it) and let you know who the winner is ON my birthday next Friday.  I would love to get 50 comments to celebrate my 50th birthday and you get a shot at some fun stuff!  Caveat:  Open to residents of the continental US only.  (Sorry but the postage on the weight would do me in!)

My apologies for the awful picture. I'll try to get a better one up soon.

Glass Ornament – because Christmas is MY holiday!

long candles – because I love them

Oreo cookies – original only.  accept no substitutes

rubber stamp – even though I rarely use them I think they’re cool

stamp pad – well you can’t stamp without them…

Nivea hand cream – love this size.  Perfect for my purse

Sleeping with the Enemy – One of my all time favorites.  I just fast forward through the really ugly scene at the beginning.  I want to live in the town Julia Roberts ends up in!

Flower plaque – Found this at a second hand store.  Part of a set.  I’m keeping the other two.

Tea tin – I collected several of these when they came out.  Parting with this one because I have too many.

Stride gum – sweet peppermint

Diva Code – Because Miss Piggy rocks.  (Please take her advice as the laugh it was meant to be!)

Stickers – Yeah, I never grew out of the gold star thing from 1st grade…

Burt’s Bees Papaya lip shimmer – actually any kind of lip gloss or chapstick.  Lipstick usually feels too heavy to me

Real Simple magazine – LOVE this

Lindt canvas bag – too cute

Lindt milk chocolate truffles – Nummies!

cushy socks – ahhh

Sinful Colors nail polish in Merlot – I have four or five polishes in similar colors – mostly OPI

Hand Fan – Most of those I have are folding, but I like the picture on this one

Mossimo notebook – Because none of the clothes looked right on me, but I had to have SOMEthing from Mossimo…

Sharpie Pen – Love how these write

Arbonne Sea Salt scrub in Awake – This feels so great and your skin feels great after.

Tombo correction tape – I should buy this stuff by the case.

Tissue packet – I always have one in my purse.  Usually the tissues themselves are decorative, but this pack was pretty

“Pashmina” shawl – I have amassed quite the collection of these

silver bracelets – my newest love — bracelets

Pigs in a Poke notecard – just plain funny

Organdy ribbon – great for packaging

$10 itunes gift card – well, duh

glass bud vase – because you can always afford a single flower

Magnetic Kermit the frog – The most romantic man (um frog) on the planet

Two fat quarters of fabric – because I have a serious fabric problem

Mini album – These are great for events like father’s day

“gold” necklace – this is fun

“The Girls” candy tin – I just think The Girls are great

 Peppermint tea – my all around favorite

 Yankee Candle votives – Love, love, love Yankee candles.  They last forever and smell great

Warm fuzzy yarn – No I don’t knit and I rarely crochet, but yarn is just so warm and tactile

 sticky notes – oughta get stock in these too

micron pens – Perfect for scrapbooking and fun for everyday too

The Holiday video – another one of my favorites.  I just adore Kate Winslet and Jude Law is gorgeous.  I could live happily in either one of their homes!

Petals and Pearls brooch – Coreena and Diane created some of the most gorgeous Victorian styled jewelry I’ve ever seen

Tangled Autumn by Betty Neels – Not my favorite by her (can’t find another copy of my favorite) but you’ll get the idea.  They’re all the same story told over and over again.  Sweet, simple romance.

Heartmate by Robin Owens – 180 degrees from Betty Neels yet another favorite author.  I have this entire series and reread the series every year that she publishes another installment.

Scrapbook paper – Okay, remember the standing chest I bought just to house it all?  Yeah, I love paper

 Yellow Flower Pen – Bought a few of these at a craft fair last year.  They’re fun to keep on my desk so I have flowers even when I don’t have money for fresh flowers.

 $10 Target gift card – I love that they’re having famous designers in and my absolute favorite handbag is from there

 Moleskin notebook – Got started on these when I saw them at Barnes and Noble and now I buy a new set every year for church notes

  Vintage Hand Towels – vintage starched linens… sigh

  Pentel EnerGel purple gel pen – FUN!



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7 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Well, hopefully I will be able to come up be there on/near your birthday.

  2. I wish you a very sincere Happy Birthday! May your special day bring you abundant joy and fulfillment not only today, but also every day throughout the year!


  3. Leigh Cauthen

    I enjoy reading your blog.Gives me much insight into the person that is you.And also keeps me wanting more.HAPPY BIRTHDAY.LOVE YOU.

  4. Matthew Snyder

    Happy Birfday Mummy!

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