On turning 50

so it’s just around the corner.  I’ve finally reached the point where all my favorite music is on the oldies station, I don’t recognize top 40 artist/band names, my clothes aren’t even close to hip, I bore people with my arthritis complaints and I’m quoting my mother.  Middle age.  Although to mis-quote Walter Thayer I’m “past middle age because people don’t live to be 100!” 

All that aside, I’ve gotta say I’ve been counting my blessings the last few days.  (There is a lot to be said for having a birthday near Thanksgiving!)  First and foremost I am thankful that I know I have a father in heaven who loves me and an elder brother who gave his life for me so that I could return home some day.  I am grateful for my earthly family — for my brothers and sisters (even though I never see them).  I am grateful for the family that my husband and I have created.  For four smart, funny, gorgeous, loving, children (yeh I’ve got braggin’ rights) who are in good health and (mostly) use wisdom.  For a wonderful husband who loves me like Edward loves Bella. 


For movies and books and soccer, a job, my health, blogs, my blog buddies, my blog followers, Facebook, art, clothes, Christmas, the opportunity to teach seminary (I’m learning sooo much!), for the gift of living in America – land of the free, home of the brave (yes, I really believe that), for missionaries and missionary work, scrapbooks, cooking, Apples to Apples, vacation days, theater, spring, travel (all that I’ve done and all that I will do), purple ink pens, Pepsi, Poland Springs water (because Dasani sucks), photography, autumn leaves, NCIS, Chuck, and Eureka, Scentsy candles, pashmina shawls, New York, the National Gallery of Art, red pandas, Mary Engelbreit, Victoria magazine, Stock, Freesia, Tulips, Daisies, Mums, general conference, Time Out for Women, Hilary Weeks, the New England Women’s Conference, Marriott hotels, the subway train that pulls up(not away) just as you walk down the stairs, cell phones, duck l’orange, pate, new arthritis drugs, XBox Kinnect, Wii, the US Postal system, generators, and the ability to read (thanks Mom).



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4 responses to “On turning 50

  1. Happy Birthday, my friend. (mine’s around the corner, too, although I passed the big ’50’ a while back) L<3ve your list and photos. Beauteous. Hugs and birthday wishes,

  2. Very well said, I feel ya. Thanks for sharing and keep up the writing, you do it well. -Lucas

  3. Happy Birthday! I am just making sure that I hit you on your blog and on your Facebook. Let’s celebrate with lunch real soon! Thanks for being my friend, and even though I don’t always get a chance to see you, I know you are there for me and that means more than anything! I love You- Angela

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