What a time I had/am having!

Can I just say that the weekend was stupid short?!

 My birthday sort of started last Tuesday.  One of my friends invited me to her house and spoiled me rotten!  We had shrimp cocktail, lobster, cake and I got two lovely bracelets she toted back from Mexico(well the pavilion at Disney World).

I took most of last Wednesday off to clean up the downstairs, so I can’t say that day really counts as time off.  One of Matthew’s best friends was home from college so they hung out at his house.  Then more cleaning plus cooking on Thursday.  One of my besties and her family came for Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was good, the company was great, and we played Garrett’s XBox Kinect (birthday present), Balderdash and Apples to Apples before I called it a night for everyone at 7:30pm.  I was done in! 


Vase with shoe to the left, Frame in the center, Mug to the right

Friday was fun!  I slept in (for me) and then Pauline picked me up and we went to breakfast then had time to kill before You’re Fired (a pottery place) opened so we went to Target and I bought more stuff for Matthew (notepad, envelopes, etc).   After which we met Coreena at  the pottery place.  Pauline made me a frame, Coreena made me a mug and I made a vase.  My artwork is really sad even with a stencil, so we had fun laughing about that.  It took way longer than I would have thought, but when we got done  Pauline and I went to see Twilight (again).  Then we went back to her house for my birthday present which was a chandelier!  I’ve been wanting one forever and kept commenting on her daughter’s.  Well Lowe’s was getting rid of it’s chandeliers so presumably she picked it up for not too much money (I hope).  I’m psyched!  Alan’s going to wire it to plug in rather than hardwiring and I’m hanging it in our bedroom where we have no overhead lighting.  I got back home and Alan made tacos for dinner (one of my favorites), I watched my NCIS marathon, and then he and the boys (including two of Matthew’s friends) brought my cake in and sang me happy birthday.  Orange cake with lemon icing – fave.  The boys bought me Scotty McCreery’s new CD. 

 It doesn’t’ end there!  Oh no.  My sweetheart”s put in tons of overtime so that I can go to New York with Coreena this weekend!  I have missed seeing the window displays in the City and the skaters at RockefellerPlaza.  I can’t wait!!


On the whole, I guess turning 50 doesn’t suck.   Now what can I work up to for my 75th? : )


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