to do list for today

PRAY – PRAY – PRAY for those I love that are lost and/or hurting…

Pick up Matthew’s glasses and a receipt and submit the receipt to the blankety blank health care account people

Buy a cookbook for a Mom for Christmas

Hem my pants for Saturday

Get an appointment or buy my own hair color for a touch up

Find my riding jacket

Buy black flats at Macy’s

Buy a burn phone for Matthew and get the correct postage from the post office for him to return it home

Mapquest our 5th Ave walking tour

Find some New York restaurants not too far from the hotel or worth the cab/subway/walk

Buy a cardigan for one of my nursing home ladies

Call each of my children to see how they’re doing

Call my little brother and sister

Put up the tree at work

Give my New York outfits the Coreena check

Do the budget

Find my 8 Gig SD card

Clear my inbox by Thursday afternoon



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