Daily December 3

December 3 

We slept in – which in and of itself was a treat.  I took a right when we got off the elevator just by pure chance and we got to the “dining room” just before they cleared away breakfast.  I had a mini croissant and a boiled egg. 

We switched the order of the original schedule about (well heck, we tossed it really) and went first to the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum which had my fashionista wanna be heart thumping and then down the stairs to their exhibit on Daphne Guinness (yes, the heir).  She’s beautiful.  She is a real fashion icon and girlfriend has some seriously wild clothes and is incredibly tiny.    http://www3.fitnyc.edu/museum/Daphne_Guinness/home.html  The collection was split into different areas and my favorites were without question, “Dandyism” and “Evening  Chic.”

 The guard upstairs was at best a curmudgeon, but thankfully he did at least respond to direct questions however grudgingly.

 So, then we went to Macy’s.  The mob here was as bad as atRockefellerCenter!!  We went from top to bottom and hit at least half of the floors.  However, we missed the shoe department. (Not to worry we had another day in the city).

 So, now thoroughly worn we returned to the hotel and tried napping for the brief period of time we had left.  Then up and at ‘em again and caught the subway up to (the Italian restaurant).  It was decent.  Not wow.  Not great, but reasonably good.  I won’t likely return there, unlike Artisanal.  Gorgeous atmosphere and a helpful wait staff.  Decent-ish prices (for the upper west side).  Then the subway back down toLincolnCenter.

 Can I just be honest.  The Nutcracker was good, but frankly the Boston Ballet’s version is better.  On the other hand, theLincolnCenteris simply awe-inspiring!!  I could just seeCherand Nicholas Cage headed to the opera.  Sigh…  It was a great time.  Coreena had a glass of bubbly for me.  Today was awesome!


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