December Daily 6

December 6

Woke up at 3:30 am got ready, woke Manly and kept asking him if he had everything, then woke G-Man who was surprisingly cooperative for that time of day.  Turned around part way down the hill to go back and grab his paperwork.  Then finally off to the airport to meet his Dad and check Manly’s luggage.  Got him checked in and had time to grab a breakfast snack.  Sadly not as long as we thought we had so we ended up sprinting to the plane (I got a gate access pass) and was able to give him a last hug and kiss goodbye.  Two years seems like forever on this side of it.  Dropped G-Man at school and went home to gather stuff and head to work.  Got home not feeling so great and called in for a vacation day instead.  Good decision, except for the part where I forgot to get my bloodwork done.  Ugh.


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