December Daily 7

December 7

Woke up 15 minutes later than I’m supposed to, but rushed and woke G-Man.  Realized Manly wasn’t in his room and won’t be for two loooong years and started feeling sad.

Made it to seminary late (again) and had a nasty row with G-Man over who was at fault and started feeling worse.  Sigh… The lesson was alright though.

Got to work and realized I had left my lap top at home and hadn’t bought the lights for the office Christmas tree.  Ugh.

Back home to grab my laptop.  Good news is I got to kiss the hubby goodnight, then over to Walmart (no more white lights) and finally Target (found a huge 400 light reel).

I spent about an hour decorating the tree (more or less single handed).  I like how it came out.  It lifted my mood for a bit.

Skipped lunch because of the shopping and got some real work done.  Typed this up and now headed home for 5:00pm  Today was kind of a tough day.  I’m glad it’s nearly done.


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