December Daily 8

Really glad I typed this all on Word first because I tried each December Daily post a couple of times before they stuck.  Kinda like my day today.  Eventually productive, but pretty slow going.  Got the gifts wrapped for the senior citizens (didn’t take long, but it’s been hanging over my head), and I’ll go home tonight and wrap family gifts.  Not many to do this year!  Hopefully the hubby has the night off so that we can put the tree up.  I have no real plans for us this year except to spend real time together — not just being in the same house or even the same room, but playing XBox Kinect games or board games together.  If there’s snow, then going sledding or tubing.  Also, we need to call the Drysdales and hang out…

For tonight I think I’ll just pull out Brocante Home’s Christmas planner and do a little recon while I watch NCIS and fold laundry…


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Filed under Chores/Housework, Christmas, Decorating, Friends, Jenny, Television

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