Daily December 14

Cut through a lot of the piles on my desk, but didn’t touch the piles of bills and medical mayhem I’ve been dragging around in my purse the last week.  Baby steps I suppose.  I drove to Mason, NH last night.  “Little town, such a quiet village, every day like the one before…”  Except driving there at night on windy roads was not such a good time. 

Mason is probably most famous for being the home of “Uncle Sam” but nearly as famous for Parker’s Maple Barn.  I’ve heard wonderful things about them, and one of these days I’m determined to eat there!  Thankfully the meeting I attended with the Conservation Commission was blessedly brief.  Don’t get me wrong — they are lovely people.  I was just soo wanting to get home and crash. 

Sadly no forward motion was made on the home front, however, I am happy to report that the last of the Christmas shopping is nigh (seeing as we’re out of money to shop with especially)…  Decorating to begin tonight.  Especially the tree because the Muppet despises the artificial tree we’ve switched to (for reasons of allergy and economy).  So we need to pretty it up before she gets home.

So, now to plan some fun stuff that doesn’t cost much money.  The Muppet arrives home Saturday night!  Yah.  I miss having my little girl around the house.  She’s off to work at Disney in January, but it’ll be nice to have her home until then.  

Muppet is particularly good at making fun out of nothing.  I’m thinking board and card games and cooking and baking.   All without stress because we’re not having any dignitaries over this holiday.  Just close friends which makes it so much easier.


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