my missionary

so Manly Man is in Provo, Utah.  He is at the missionary training center for our church– The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormons).  Yeah, like the ones from the Broadway play, only not.

he is learning the Hmong language and will be assigned to labor in Roseville, California among the Hmong people.  I honestly had never heard of the Hmong until he got his letter assigning him.  We were quick to hit the internet.  So far the best site I’ve found explaining who the Hmong are and what they believe is here written by Jeff Lindsey.  The online newspaper is pretty interesting as well.  A friend suggested this book.  I ordered a copy for him, now I need one as well.   I love the Hmong embroidery and costume! Go here to buy the patterns below (and more)…

Manly Man’s intent is to share the gospel.  If he has to be away from home for Christmas, I can’t think of a better reason.  It was helpful to read President Monson’s article, “The Five M’s of Missionary Work.”  I particularly liked when he said, “

“Missionaries are marvelous… They represent the fruits of all that is good within the Latter-day Saint family.”

I found this article on what he’s actually doing now really helpful.  He does actually get to email me once a week.  I got my first email last week and it was funny just how excited I was about the whole thing.

I found this article on what his day will be like once he’s out in the field.  It reminds me a lot of what his brother would write about from his mission in Las Vegas.

  Not many young men in the world today would give up two years of their lives to go and preach the gospel to others and serve them, with no earthly reward.  I’m grateful for his older brother’s example.  I’m grateful for our son and the work that he’s doing and will do.  He’s a special young man.



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3 responses to “my missionary

  1. Jenny, let me give you my copy of the Fadiman book. She is a wonderful, intelligent writer. We were fortunate to have her as our visiting author for the MFA program in 2008. Look for one of my favorite essays of hers in your email.

  2. Nice commentary on missionary work. I hope you are going to be blogging about his letters so we can hear the details. You are fabulous mother jenny! Well done!

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