12 degrees


So I turn on the radio in the car to hear the happy news that the temperature this morning was a pathetic twelve degrees.  That’s just wrong.  One should not have to venture forth in anything under 35 degrees.  Just sayin’.  So, I was over at Oh, Hello Friend  and stumbled across her post Collections.  Loved the list she came up with:  Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre 2011, Cranford, Under the Greenwood Tree, Persuasion, Jane Eyre 2006, North and South, Pride and Prejudice 1995, Emma, and The Young Victoria.

So while I promised myself to get outside, I am letting myself off the hook if it’s under 35 degrees.  I’m thinking one of my days off needs to be dedicated to period movies.  I love all of the movies that she has listed that I’ve seen.  I’ve not yet seen Jane Eyre (2011 version), Cranford, Under the Greenwood Tree or Young Victoria.  I’ll have to go on the hunt for them.  

No Chewing Allowed Truffles Are Beyond Words!!

I’m thinking I need to order up some “No Chewing Allowed” truffles and settle into my warm fuzzy blanket and tralala off to the past for several hours with my little Muppet beside me.



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2 responses to “12 degrees

  1. Oh you have to watch Cranford, it is a little slow but a heart warmer.

  2. Coreena

    I am with you all the way on the No Chewing Allowed truffles, blanket, and tralalaing with the Muppet. I have been doing something rather like that for the last few days.

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