daily December 21

Okay, I can’t tell you what I found for my oldest at lunch time, but I gotta tell you I’m pretty happy to have found it!  I’ll post a picture after he opens it, but isn’t it great when you find just the right gift for someone?  This year we have new almost-family members and it was interesting shopping for them on a tight budget with little idea of what to buy.  I was up for the challenge though.  I got gift cards and something tiny to go with.  Love it!  Mostly the tiny go-withs.  God has been blessing me with wonderful ideas this year and I am very grateful.  Now if he’d just bless me with the miracle of a clean house I couldn’t possibly ask for more.  Well, yeah, I could, but I’d hold off for a day or so… : )

I was also happy to get a few ornaments on the tree this morning.  I’m determined to have it decorated BEFORE Christmas Eve.  Wow.  We’ve never been this late in the month getting the tree up and decorated.  I think it’s the Muppet’s fault.  We’ve been secretly avoiding it because it’s artificial… Hahahahahaaha

I’m doing the 12 Days of Christmas over at Big Picture Classes and haven’t even gotten started on taking pictures or gathering things to scrapbook with.  Fortunately, I’ve hit the end of Christmas shopping (or at least the end of the money with which to shop) so perhaps now I can turn my energies elsewhere.


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