movies, movies, movies

Reeeeally looking forward to going to the movies next week.  Can’t wait to see Sherlock Holmes (I love Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law);

The Muppets (even though I’ve been warned it’s not that great I LOVE Kermit and Miss Piggy);

Mission Impossible – really excited about this, especially since I’ve heard it’s even better than the other three;

and finally The Adventures of Tin Tin.  it might be a real stinker, but the previews have been pulling me in and how can you go wrong with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson teamed up?

Note:  All photos are from the movie websites.



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3 responses to “movies, movies, movies

  1. Chris Goodin

    ya Enten and I have seen Mission Impossible and Sherlock holmes!

  2. Coreena

    Have you seen The Muppets yet? It is one I don’t want to miss regardless of the bad review.

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