Daily December 23

Wow.  So, it’s almost here.  Not likely that we’ll have a white Christmas, regardless of waking up to snow this morning.  We’re pretty much done shopping (having to get truly inventive now that we’re down to the last bucks) and cookie making is in the works.  I need to pick up the orange part of the duck l’orange I’m making for Christmas dinner this year and decide on my sides.  Anyone got any ideas?

The hubby put in 20+ hours of overtime to help pay for all the madness we’ve indulged in the last couple of months (still smiling over New York here) and get us financially back on course for next year.  Time to turn to getting my head and heart on course.  Not so much goals for 2012, because who needs that pressure?!  Just things I want to bring into my life next year. 

It helps that I teach early morning seminary and that we’re studying the Old Testament this year.  I’m forced to spend serious time reading and pondering the scriptures and supporting materials.  Now if I could just get better about my prayer life and tithing, I’d be much happier.  Well, one step at a time.

So, that leaves my head.  Aside from reading my book list once I decide on it, I think I’d like to tackle Italian this year.  Guess I’ll look into classes in the area.  Perhaps there’s a conversational Italian class I can take that won’t cost the earth and I can meet up with someone to speak it with often enough to retain it…  Yeah, I’m still dreaming about Italy for our 25th in 2013.  Hope springs eternal.  Also, I’m determined to use my cookbooks this year or give them away.  I have a veritable library of cookbooks — time to use them or lose them.  And finally, I was serious about that whole studying Romania thing.



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4 responses to “Daily December 23

  1. There’s a conversational Italian group that meets at the Nashua Public Library … f-r-e-e! A couple of friends took an Italian language course at the Nashua community college and recommended it, too.

  2. Coreena

    I start Italian at the end of January. If you want to go to the conversational Italian group I’d be game.

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