Manly Man and the MTC

So, we’ve gotten an email a week and four letters.  Things are going well in Provo.  He’s feeling the pinch to learn Hmong as quickly as humanly possible, but it seems to be going well.  There are only five other young men learning the language alongside him and two of them already speak Vietnamese (no pressure!).  He says he’s “learned enough to pronounce all the words with practice, but I will still need to work on my vocab.”  So far he’s taught me, koo hloo ko — I love you.  I’m certain my accent is atrocius, but it’s cool to at least know the words.  His companion seems to be having a bit more of a struggle learning the language, so he’s carrying the load a little more with their investigator, but I’m thinking that will just make him a stronger speaker in the field.

Arriving at the MTC

He seems to really like the other missionaries in his class and is enjoying life at the MTC.  He’s hoping to join the MTC choir if he’s there long enough (probably not he leaves next month on the 21st).  He taught a lesson in Sunday school a week or so ago and really enjoyed himself.  He said it’s a “painful irony” to be able to teach a lesson without much prep in English, but to really struggle in Hmong after hours of preparation.

As it turns out one of the other missionaries in the Hmong class is Christopher’s mission president’s son!  Funny how small the world is.

He wasn’t able to call us on Christmas day (we only get to talk to him twice a year — Christmas and Mother’s day) which was a bummer, but God is good, so Christopher made it home and we kept busy so not too much sadness.  He got to hear from an Apostle that day (Elder Bednar) and that helped keep his spirits up.

Grateful for the tip from big brother to send him a personal CD player with speakers.  He’d really been missing music.  I’m glad he enjoys classical music.  It makes it easier to be able to send him music that’s missionary appropriate.

No pictures yet.  Ugh.  He’s not a big picture taker.  Hopefully I can get him to come up with at least one a week.  I miss him and pictures add another way for him to be close.


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