the happiness project

The Happiness Project by Gretchen RubinDon’t you just love God’s tender mercies?  I showed up at church last Sunday expecting really good stuff and I got it.  Two of my favorite people gave talks, I get to study the Book of Mormon in Sunday School while studying the Old Testament in seminary, and it was with no small amusement that I watched quite a few women at last Sunday’s Relief Society meeting get the “aha” look after our Relief Society president announced we would be engaging in the Happiness Project as a group this year.  I’m guessing quite of few of us own the book or have followed the blog or maybe Oprah’s site.

So I stumbled across this book this past year and opened it up after I got home to discover the first section is titled “Boost Vitality.”  That meant one thing to me – regular exercise — Somehow… after that I didn’t get around to reading it.  Knowing that I already owned the book though I of course rushed home and whipped it out right after church and to my joy one of the first things about boosting vitality had to do with getting enough sleep.  Oh, yeah.  I’m all over that plan!!  Then “Exercise Better” well we might normally come to a parting of the ways here except I really do know that I need to exercise and regularly and haven’t been. 

“Toss, restore and organize.”  Oh, yeah, I’m so into this of late.  Especially the tossing part.  I’m following Angela’s advice and trying to dump a bag a day.  Who knew I could have that much crap in my house?!

“Tackler a nagging task” This is one I learned oh so long ago, and yet don’t always follow through on — which is dumb because I know how good it feels to let go of that yuck feeling of not getting something done you know you should.

“Act more energetic”  I didn’t realize this would make a difference, but I’ve tried it the last day or so and wow, it actually works — at least for small bits of time.  I’ll take that thank you.

Also, I love her 12 personal commandments…  I’ll have to come up with some of my own.  At least those I don’t borrow from her.

“Twelve Personal Commandments”

I’ve signed up to get the moment of  happiness daily quotation and I’m really getting into her blog.  Loved this… “Ten things I can do every day — even when I can’t do anything else.”

Who can’t use a bit more happiness in their lives?  I’m up for this!!  Way to go Brandy!!


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