virus-cold-sinus infection

whatever this is, can I just tell you I’m sick and tired of it? (no pun intended) Oh, and tissues versus handkerchiefs? (see photo link)  No contest.  I don’t want that stuff hanging around!!



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4 responses to “virus-cold-sinus infection

  1. jan matthews

    I had the worst flu over New Years–never had it this bad since I moved to Maine. On top of it, I caught if from my mother, who had gone to the ER for a seperate issue (her brain, finally–oh bad me. we have been joking about it) and I had to come down again and help her with the aftermath of confusion, forgetfullness to the extreme, going outside in the middle of the night–really, just my mother and her creative weirdness. Only she’d given me the flu and now I was driving to Tewksbury a second time that week clutching a roll of toilet paper. Weirdly, everyone stepped up to help her out, even dad and stepmom, which I don’t think she expected. And. Some nice zoloft. For her, not me.
    So what is it? A cold, pertussis?

  2. jan matthews

    If you don’t do the thing with blasting saline up through your sinuses, I highly recommend it. Just just don’t do it when Alan is around–it is the most anti-romantic sound in the world. It shorten the duration and gave me quite a bit of relief when i had that this time last year. Hope you feel better soon, Jenny baby!

    • All I can think of when I think of the saline up the nose thing is how awful it feels when you dive into a pool and get chlorine up your nose, or when you laugh so hard something spews out your nose. Not pleasant either one of those, but if I get a recurrence I might just give in.

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