Work in Progress

Well, I didn’t get everything done during the month of January for the Happiness Project that I might have hoped, but I have to say I did a decent job of tossing and organizing, I tackled the nagging task of the budget, I’ve been going to sleep stupid early and, oh, you didn’t reeeally think I was going to say I’ve been exercising better did you?  Sadly no.  Okay, but I did thinkabout it once or twice. Hahahahahaa  No really, my almost daughter-in-law (ADIL)  and the Bear have started Zuumba.  Thankfully the level one so I might be able to join them.  I really have to do something.  The wedding is only three months away and I’d rather not be the short fat one in all the photos!   Short I can handle.  On the inside I’m verrrry tall. 

Google Image - Does anyone know the photographer?

This month the Happiness Project is all about loving on your husband.  Awesome.  I could sure do with some work in that department, so I’m up for this!   I have to say it made my little heart pitter pat when he told me one of his best Valentine’s Day memories is the year I plastered all over the inside of his car with Valentines.   We’re going to make a real effort to hold to a weekly date night this month.  Wish us luck!

So kicking off February with a bang.  I tackled the nagging task of scheduling all the medical appointments I’m overdue for (thyroid including bloodwork, arthritis including bloodwork, dental cleaning and a mammogram.  Phew.  Just having them on the calendar is a huge relief. 

The other challenge we’re facing in Relief Society is working on food storage.  No, it’s not one of those end of the world hoarding things, it’s more like what will you do if someone gets put on disability or laid off and your income is reduced?  So, I made a list of meals and a feeble attempt at naming all the ingredients and getting them listed.  Need to rework that in Excel or something, but hey, I did make the effort.

I got to visit the florist with ADIL and that was seriously fun.  Apotheca does amazing work and I know she’ll be over the top with what they come up with.  Now she just has to decide how much of her budget will go to cover flowers.  It probably doesn’t help that her favorite flower is the cala lily.  Speaking of the (almost) daughter in law — I’ve been looking for navy blue chiffon trim to add to the bottom of the bridesmaid dresses.  I found black and white at Joann’s anybody have any ideas on where to find navy?

So I’m longing for something creative to do.  I can’t scrapbook until I clean up all my stuff and frankly there’s so much of it, I don’t even know where to put it all anymore in order to clean it up!  Time to purge more of that.  In any event, I still want to do something, so I’m thinking I’ll get the February can’t miss photos (Kids in Pajamas, A romantic night out, Superbowl and G-Man playing basketball) and play with outdoor photos.  Time to visit Boston I’m thinking and try some black and white shots.  Also, I really want just enough snow to get my own shot of the red mittens with the snow heart.

So last night was FHE and we ended up playing Hand and Foot.  ADIL had never played, so of course she won.  It was just pretty funny that there were several people pretty close and as a gag the Bear drew her next card and it was exactly what she needed to finish and win the game.  I howled.  It was awesome.

I’m working on my French.  I figure by the wedding I won’t be able to say much more than Hello, A Pleasure to Meet You,  ADIL is very beautiful, We are very happy and I don’t speak French! Hahaha


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