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so… I had a salad for lunch yesterday and I went to the gym last night.  You would think I would have lost at least ten pounds by this morning dang it!!



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3 responses to “control

  1. As I said to some kindred “Biggest Loser” team mates in the locker room, “The diet works — you just have to do it for more than a day.” Darn! Guess that’s the wisdom of the phrase, “one day at a time.” Four pounds down and working that food journal daily. And visiting the gym 5x/wk. phew!

  2. Ha ha this makes me laugh considering I just started today and I had Hillary weigh me blindfolded so I wouldn’t freak out at the numbers…….it actually worked and I hope I see a loss next week. Trying for 30….for the 300 time!

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