let’s get it started

… yeah at long last I have some motivation.  Nope.  It wasn’t stepping on the scale, although that helped.  It wasn’t the desire to live better or longer, but that helped.  Nope. None of the usual things.  It was this dress…  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!  It was love at first sight and I want to wear it to my son’s wedding.  Yeah, it comes in my current size, but that just will not look as good as it could, hence my motivation.  Also, my son kinda challenged me last night that he could score more points this week for working out and avoiding soda.  Yeah, the game’s afoot!!  So, whatdya think of the dress? Click on it to go to Boden USA for even more fabulous clothes.  Sigh…



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2 responses to “let’s get it started

  1. Beauteous! Would you wear black? I’ve got a wedding, too, this year — also mother of the groom! — and wonder if it would be appropriate to wear the bright coral version. Thanks for the intro to Boden USA – it’s new for me. Happily, numbers are going down on the scale every week. Slow but steady. Wish you good tidings in that arena. Yay for motivation!

    • I gotta say I love this dress in black, but I don’t know if it will work for the wedding. I’ll have to see it on to really decide. The bride’s colors are navy and silver, so it wouldn’t stand out like say at a pastel wedding. Congrats on the downward numbers, and on your own wedding festivities!

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