so with the whole chest cold thing I’m not up for much more than a brief walk, but I want to get out of the house today, so my plan is to take the whole family and go bowling.  We haven’t been in years and we’re all abysmal at it which makes it even more fun. 

I remember when the only things on tv in the afternoon were bowling and golf  (just shoot me now).  I’ve always enjoyed playing though.  My parents who bowled on a league and would often enough bowl a 300 (perfect game) would be ashamed.  Luckily, I wasn’t scarred by sitting on the row behind them playing to do my homework.  I remember my dad’s careful instruction to keep my wrist straight and use the arrows on the lane to aim the ball — it’s just that I don’t play often enough to hone what few skills I have.  Besides these days it’s more fun to just lob that baby out there and hope it hits something!!

I still enjoy it even though I’m not very good at it.  I love the slidy feel of the shoes on the lane, and that lean thing people do hoping the ball will move just a little to the right or left to pick up another pin or two.  Bring on the bumper pads and let’s do this!!


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  1. We haven’t bowled for a million years and the kids love it- Didn’t know you were genetically inclined to be a professional! 🙂

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