harder than i thought

somehow I thought the whole mother of the groom thing was going to be cake.  There are only three rules:  show up, shut up and wear beige.  No problem at all showing up, I am blessed in his choice of bride.  Okay, so the whole shut up (at least entirely) thing wasn’t going to be easy, but was workable, beige was not going to happen, but I got the gist.  The reality is a whole other story.

Why didn’t someone mention that my lack of exercise was going to be a problem if I wanted to slip into a cute size 6 dress for my son’s wedding?!  Well?!  Was I at the back of the line when they handed out that extra foot of height that would have let me get away with wearing the size I do and look good at it?  Ugh.  And why is it that whatever size I am, women larger and smaller than I always seem to find the best outfits?  It’s got to be me I guess.  Except I really do have great taste.  No really.  I can look at an outfit and tell you why it works and why it doesn’t, even if I tend to err on the side of conservative, but when it comes to dressing myself I”m generally a hot mess.  Take the Boden dress that’s now been relegated to the rehearsal dinner.  Gorgeous.

I found this dress and lost my mind.  It only comes in brown (the other cool colors in my size are sold out), but it’s just so perfect for the wedding that I ordered it.  Phew.  Major panic was setting in!!  None of which would bother me overly except I don’t want to embarass my son at his wedding.  No, I won’t be eating the soup with a fork or making rude jokes or dropping my dentures in the punch or anything weird (no I don’t wear dentures it was an exagerration for pity’s sake… work with me people), it’s just that the older I get the dumpier I feel.  Yeah, I’m having a bit of a pity party.  The grays aren’t just grey, they’re breaking off and wiry and downright unattactive.  I now understand the phrase “a hoary head.”  Mostly I’m thinking it’s because I actually got on a scale at the doctor’s office in the last couple of days and practically fainted from the numbers.  Also, it occurred to me that no matter how hard I work at it (and I haven’t been able to work at it because I can’t breathe of late), I can’t lose more than 2o pounds safely in the next roughly 10 weeks.  Well crap.  Okay, anyone know the name of some really great body armor?!  Time to resort to camouflage to cover whatever diet and exercise don’t!!

And okay in some ways the dress was the worst part of the deal but then there’s the whole rehearsal dinner thing.  We honestly can only afford  to feed the wedding party (14) but we’d really love to feed everyone that’s in town for the wedding.  Ah, well.  We did at least agree on a venue.  I just have to call and see if they can fit 14.  Also, I just read somewhere that we’re supposed to help come up with hotels.  Well heck.  The wedding and the reception are out of town!  Okay, to be fair out of town for us means a half hour to an hour drive.  Out of town for some of the bride’s relatives means a plane (or two) and a car trip with no less than two days travel time (straight through).  So, I’m not really complaining, just uncertain about what to do.  How far our obligation goes.  Well, I’m certain it doesn’t go as far as I’m making it out to be.  I just wish we could do more.  Sigh.. again…

Then I thought a shower for the bride would be a lovely idea, except my only 21 year old girl is down in Florida and may not make it up in time to add some youth to the festivities.  Hopefully she can survive an afternoon with the older generation.  It should be fun.  Trudie Young  of Living Six Graces is creating one of her events for us.  Bless God for Trudie.  She’s bearing the brunt of the shower work (invites and entertainment) and I just have to abracadabra some food.  Phew.

Finally, there’s the church reception (for our ward family – separate from the much smaller reception for the family which follows the wedding).  On the other hand the first reception will be at the beautiful Sea Glass restaurant and the second will be in the cultural hall.  A wee bit of a difference.  Trying to figure out how to make that special for the newlyweds and their invited guests. 

You would think with all this opportunity to do the things I love:  organize, shop, research, that I would be in hog heaven, but the simple truth is I’m terrified to mess this up.  First child in our family to be married and I want to do it right.  Be supportive, but not take over, not offend any of our friends or relatives, etc..   Like I said, this is turning out to be harder than I thought…



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8 responses to “harder than i thought

  1. My heart goes out to you ~ wish I could wave a magic wand and banish those unwanted pounds. Love the new selection for the wedding dress. You got me on a roll and I found some more lovelies on Nordstrom’s site and I started a Pinterest board for ‘Mother of the Groom.’ Bet the shower will be wonderfully unique and provide many treasured memories.

  2. Megan W.

    I’m in love with that dress and have been since October. Now I’m tempted to get it for my sister’s wedding next month!

  3. leigh

    Im more than sure it will all come together and you will be beautiful on that day dont worry.

    • Leigh that was so sweet. Thank you. I’ve gotta tell you there are many more days of late when I wish I could call Ma just to have her tell me it’s going to be fine.

  4. Well you are doing a great job- I just got an invite put us down as officially RSVP’d and I would love to help in anyway. Count me in on anything you need…I am definitely here for you. I didn’t realize that you were doing a ward reception as well? Is that new?

    • Yes as very, very few people are invited to the reception immediately following the wedding. Nope. Not new, just haven’t done much to bring it to fruition other than book the cultural hall.

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