Enten meets her first New England snow…

This was the most fun I’ve had shoveling snow and clearing cars in a while.  The plow truck didn’t come through this morning, so to get the hubby up the hill and us down the hill had to plow pretty much the length of the drive.  Enten was funny, having never seen a real snow fall before (we’re not counting the one inch one day wonders).  She got to shovel, scrape windows and even spread salt.  I’m guessing she gets it now.  On the other hand, she’s pretty psyched to go sledding this afternoon, but to be honest, so am I!

the young men did most of the work – phew



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3 responses to “Enten meets her first New England snow…

  1. Chris Goodin

    We posted some pictures on Facebook of Enten sledding, making snow angels, and getting buried in snow.

  2. I had a great time with this snow! SO Much SnOw!!

  3. Coreena

    I love the pictures!! I am glad Enten enjoyed the storm. I stayed in my house all day, looking out every once in a while, and wishing I was in Florida. 🙂

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