for the soul

Is there an artist that all you have to do is look at their work and you automatically feel a calming in your heart?  For me that would be the impressionists, particularly Tarbell, but I was over at Brocante Home and she was talking about a vintage artist’s book of illustrations that were just lovely.

How about a flower, that just one whiff makes you smile?

Or that song, that has you dancing and singing along everytime it comes on the radio?  My latest is “I’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger.”

What’s moving your heart today?



Filed under Art, Attitude, flowers, Music

2 responses to “for the soul

  1. I’m a Matisse gal, myself. From his paper-cuts period. I suppose it changes with mood, too. But Henri is who came to mind when I read your post. And I totally cracked up when I saw your pic of Adam! Talk about adorable!!! Go ahead — call me a cougar. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  2. jan matthews

    Rosa rugosa, Vincent, the Decemberists. And raising my hand for Team Cougar 🙂

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