3:00 AM

found me wide awake with a million thoughts running through my head.  I tried reading, I tried solitaire, I tried the ipod and finally gave in and pulled out all the stuff on my mind.  Wedding lists, budget, other people’s weddings, the shower, Matthew, Megan, Garrett, a new car, van repair, women’s convention at IFC and how I’ll be missing two of the general sessions for lack of a car, how to fit in some exercise before the week slips away, cleaning up my bedroom, is it time to pull out summer clothes since it’s 80+ degrees outside (I mean how insane is that in March in New England?!), finding shoes for the perfect MOG dress I’ve found, helping the bride find shoes, wondering if Alan is getting enough sleep, loving that my house is mostly clean for a change, being grateful that Christopher has finally started work at Fisher Cats, the lilacs are starting to bud out – will the coming cold kill them off or will they be better than ever, what to plant in the garden this year, how to get a new bed, new dishwasher, new car AND pay for all the regular stuff that’s due (like last year’s medical bills), how to cope with tender feelings of friends and associates, how to keep a positive attitude, how to practice discipline in my prayer life.

So that pretty much leaves world hunger and world peace which I can’t really act on locally except by donating time and money to the causes that I support already. (Am I giving enough?)

So that’s me at 3:00 am…


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