I am a HUGE fan of the Titanic.  That sounds weird, so it’s probably a better thing to say than I get a huge kick out of the Golden Age and the Titanic was the epitome of that.  No there’s nothing particularly romantic about drowning at sea, but the people and the story are just fascinating.  I have several movies of the Titanic, numerous documentaries on the Titanic, the music box, the soundtrack, the cookbook and I have a small library of books about the voyage and the ship including “A Night to Remember” and Bob Ballard’s book talking about the discovery and a book with the transcripts from the congressional hearings.  All fascinating stuff.

After the Italian ship ran aground in the Mediterranean I wasn’t quite as keen on the idea, but cowardice aside I’m thinking it would be an interesting to retrace history and follow the route of the Titanic.  From the Belfast shipyards to Southampton in England, Cherbourg in France, Queenstown in Ireland and New York in the United States.  With a side trip to Halifax Nova Scotia to pay my respect to the graves there.  I’m on the fence about bringing things up from the Titanic.  I respect that it’s a burial ground, but I’m also fascinated with the history and happily plopped down dollars to see Titanic – The Experience in Orlando, Florida and the traveling exhibit when it came to Hartford, Connecticut.  Sometime this Spring (probably a weekend the hubby’s gone camping) I’m off to the Titanic Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts.

And then of course there’s the movie.  I mean THE movie.  Kate Winslet is definitely one of my girl crushes and she was incredible in this.  It was a wonderful cast over all.  Really classic movie.  So the movie has been rereleased in 3D and I just can’t wait to go see it!   It would be cool to go this Saturday, but I’ll bet the tickets are sold out already.  I’ll have to check.



I got the Style Report from Polyvore and was excited to see all the fashions people came up with in response to, “What would you wear on the Titanic?”  Yeah, I’d wear pretty much everything everyone picked out.  La Belle Epoque indeed!

So I’m thinking a Titanic fashion New Year’s Eve party next year.  What do you think?


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