A-Z Blog Challenge

So… I got a post “A is for Alice In Wonderland” from Some Words which pointed me to the A-Z Blog Challenge  and what the heck, I’m in!  Seeing as I’m starting late it will be the April – May challenge for me, but oh what fun!!

A is for Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter.  The hubby bought the book yesterday and I have to say, I had no intention of reading it until I read this review on Barnes and Noble.

Kirkus Reviews

“The latest literary experiment from the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009). After striking gold with his gimmicky mash-up between Jane Austen and grindhouse horror, Grahame-Smith takes a stab at creating an original plot with this new historical aberration. The author picks a larger-than-life hero: the legendary 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. In his fictional introduction, the author claims to have received a visit from “Henry,” a creepy young roustabout whose curiosity leads him to deliver to the writer Lincoln’s lost diaries, detailing his life as a gifted vampire hunter. The fictional Grahame-Smith is instructed to compose a historical biography, resulting in a mimicked, formal study of the late president in the vein of Doris Kearns-Goodwin, infused with a macabre dose of gore. According to the book, when he’s only nine, Lincoln’s mother dies from a supernatural assault, passed off as milk sickness. From that moment, the future president vows: “I hereby resolve to kill every vampire in America.” Subsequently we find him earnestly decapitating America’s vampires with his trusty ax. Not to be missed are Lincoln’s trusty companions in his crusade against the undead, among them the president’s real-life wrestling pal Jack Armstrong, and a New Orleans encounter with a gloomy, little-known writer, Edgar Poe, newly fascinated with stories of the undead. The book’s grotesque joviality should be fun for those looking for it.”

So now not only do I want to see the movie, I want to read the book and I’m going to see what Doris Kearns-Goodwin wrote for good measure.  This is going to be a fun reading year!





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2 responses to “A-Z Blog Challenge

  1. jan matthews

    That’s on the maybe TBR pile. “Something different with Vampires” I can dig. I like that cover, too. Not a “I shoulda thought of that” moment, thankfully.

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