“B” is for

Downy Woodpecker

Well the first thing that came to mind for the letter “B” was “birds.”  It’s springtime in New England and we have a lot of song birds here.  Just this past Sunday my husband showed me a woodpecker and his mate.  They were calling to each other and then knocking holes in the partly dead tree out front.  Cool to listen to and to watch.



“B” is also for Books.  I just finished Devil In the White City last night and it was a fascinating read.  Yes, all the writing on Mudgett/Holmes was pretty repulsive especially when remembering this was not a work of fiction, but all the things that came out of the fair were just wonderful (the Ferris wheel, the Columbus Day holiday, Cracker Jacks, etc.) and it was amazing to read the names of people who are giants now but were babies and very young adults during this time (Disney, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.) and people who were huge then and are legends now (Daniel Burnham, Francis Millet, Augustus St. Gaudens, and Frederick Law Olmsted).


Then there’s “B” for “Beach.”  Now that I can get behind!  Looks like the happy couple will be honeymooning on a beach somewhere and I say, “Good for them.”   I wish it were me and my beloved.  I was at Salisbury beach last Sunday and while it was indeed beautiful the water was stupid cold.  Since I don’t spend a lot of time swimming in the oceans up north it’s okay, I get out of it what I most want.  Those rare moments when I’m capable of sitting and not thinking of anything — just listening to the surf and feeling groovy.  (It’s those moment when I can relate to the whole back to nature granola aspect of the 60s in which I was born. )  Oh, well, back to life in the 00s.



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3 responses to ““B” is for

  1. jan matthews

    Our newest vistor this year is a pheasant, believe it or not. He’s been hanging around looking for a mate(s) and has this weird little rusty can call, D got some pics, I’ll share them on FB.

    • I”ll have to check out the photos on facebook. I never have a camera when any of the cool birds around us are visible. Or they come out badly, like the pictures I got of the falcons a few years back. I’ll have to look for Thunderstruck. I really did like his writing style.

  2. jan matthews

    Meant to say, I loved Devil in the White City, too. I’ve read quite a few of the author’s books and like his juxtapositions of characters. The one about Marconi and Dr. Crippen was good, “Thunderstruck” is the title.

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