“D” is for Darcy

Yes, that Darcy.  He’s such a yummy character.  Enough flaws so that he’s human, but otherwise a true romantic hero.  So being enthralled with Mr. Darcy I embarked upon “Mr. Darcy’s Passions.”  A leap ahead in the reading for May I grant you, but what the heck.

I applaud the premise of Pride and Prejudice told from Mr. Darcy’s viewpoint, but sadly found that I rather much prefer Elizabeth’s viewpoint and thoughts.  I’ll leave that there.  So in yet another attempt to declutter, I piled up bits and pieces and carted them off to a friend’s for a yard sale.  Mostly an excuse to take a Friday off but also a chance to see how a two day sale would go.  I made $18.  I underpriced everything simply with the hopes of getting it gone, largely to no avail. 

So, we took a break during a long dry spell and checked out other sales in the neighborhood.  Jewelry at one, yarn at another and a small miscellaneous pile not dissimilar from our own at the third.  There I found “Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral.”

“… the story of five women who had nothing in common but one extra-ordinary friend.”  I’m only a few chapters in, but it is just marvelous so far!



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2 responses to ““D” is for Darcy

  1. Oh, dear. Only $18. But a new and delicious book — that’s a bit of gold, right? Sorry your sale didn’t bring much else.

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