“K” is for KKK

Yeah, I don’t do the whole controversy thing on my blog, I feel fairly uninformed and would not do justice to whatever cause I was trying to support, but I heard about this museum on NPR and feel compelled to go see it at some point, so I had to give it a plug in my little corner of the world…  The different exhibits, including those on the KKK are very thought provoking and that was just through the small sampling I got over the internet.  I can’t imagine the in-person impact.

The Jim Crow Museum is envisioned: 

“… as an international leader in the anti-racism movement. The museum will serve as a base for quality scholarship addressing the complexities of race, race relations, and racism. The museum will encourage collaborative work with high schools, universities, museums, government agencies, and human rights organizations, including, but not limited to, producing original research, planning and hosting tours and conferences, and conducting anti-racism training sessions.

“I have a goal to create a room that when people come into that room, it changes the way they talk about race. — Dr. David Pilgrim, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Ferris State University; Curator, Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia.


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