“L” is for laugh

“L” is for Laugh

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.
Irish Proverb

From DIY Stress Relief – I don’t know that I agree with the chakras and the like (although I know certain colors tend to give me a pick me up), but most of what she says is the stuff that’s been touted for years now about stress.  I already know this stuff, but clearly needed to hear it again.

Types Of Stress Symptoms

Physical Stress – What’s scary is how many of these I have (everything not lined through – Yikes!) Effects of Stress on Your Body * Headache * Chest Pains including Pounding Heart * Muscle Aches and  Pains * Back Pain * Clenched Jaw and Teeth Grinding * Shortness of Breath * Stomach Upset – Constipation and Diarrhea, * Excess Sweating * Tiredness * Sleep Problems * Weight Gain or Loss * Skin Problems

Emotional Stress Effects of Stress on Your Thoughts and Feelings * Anger * Anxiety * Depression * Mood swings * Excessive Worrying * Forgetfulness * Lack of Concentration * Negative Attitude or Apathy * Sadness * Feeling Insecure * Irritable * Restlessness * Guilt * Job Dissatisfaction

Mental Stress Effects of Stress on Your Behaviour * Drug Abuse * Excessive Drinking * Excessive  smoking * Absenteeism from Work (thank goodness it’s the beginning of the year and I have vacation days to use!) * Over-eating  * Not Eating * Angry or Aggresive Outbursts * Socially  withdrawn and Quiet * Decreased Productivity * Crying Spells * Blaming Others * Thoughts of Suicide 

Back to prayer and the other things that work for me (Do your stuff iPod playlists!).  If we had money I’d be outta here for a massage, followed by a nap.  Guess I’ll suck it up and see if I can’t find a way to focus.



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