“P” is for Passion

What are the things you’re passionate about?  You know the things that would take away from you being you if you couldn’t have or do them anymore.  Me?  Well the first things that came to mind were my God, my family (which includes my closest friends), reading, travel and the ocean.  True passion?  Yeah, it probably ends there, but if we tone it down just a bit I can make a pretty lengthy list…

Autumn, Intelligence, Laughter, Humor, Sunrise, Sunset, newborn anything (well except snakes), lobster, steak, chocolate, being cherished, connecting with friends, act on stage (again), whipoorwills in the morning, coyotes howling, the sound of my children playing together, the sound of a great waterfall, the sound of thunder, or the ocean crashing on the beach, the sound of a laughing child or the sound of a loved ones heartbeat, fresh clean sheets after a shower on a hot night, getting a really good night’s sleep, sunlight sparkling on the water, a deep conversation with a friend, a deep conversation with a total stranger, a really great photograph, painting or sculpture, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, WNTW (which is about to start up again – Wahoo!), NCIS (loving Jamie Lee with Gibbs), the Twilight series of books and movies, finding a new song to sing along with, hearing an old song I haven’t heard in a while on the radio, having just the right song show up at just the right moment like you have a life soundtrack.


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