Lifestyle Accumulation Disorder

So… while in the midst of thinknig about  all of the tv I’ve been watching and all the things I’m not doing of late what drops into my email box but this little gem from Brocante Home Lifestyle Accumulation Disorder of which I am sad to say I am most definitely suffering.  The good news is that I had already begun to recognize it and sold the massive bag of yarn I had at the last yard sale.  Donated quite a few of the embroidery projects I’m never likely to get to to Families In Transition and weeded out my pile of scrapbooking supples between FIT and the bridal shower. 

So, I’ve not been entirely oblivious to the disorder, but sorely lacking in a meaningful way to handle it.  I have no intention of abandoning all the pastimes that make me happy, but I’m thinking I need a bit more life in my life.  This month’s book was supposed to be Darcy’s Passions, but I simply couldn’t get into it, so I’m thinking I’ll read a Jane Austen book instead (Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey – somehow haven’t read either of these or at least don’t remember them) and then this month’s adventure is set for this Saturday — a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to look for pieces from the Regency period.  I’m excited that they’ll have the exhibit Dancing with Renoir  two Renoirs on loan from the Musee D’Orsay as well as Manet in Black  “with prints and drawings from Manet and related artists.”

Then perhaps lunch at Harvard Square (finally).  I want to get to know Boston this summer.


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