The End

okay, not of the blog, I love babbling along way too much, I’m actually talking about the various tv series that I’m watching.  I missed the season finale with Wolowitz getting married in Big Bang Theory.  Nick’s girlfriend in Grimm thinks he’s a total nut case and may be dying and his partner Hank thinks he may  be going insane and is that woman really Nick’s mother?  House looks like it might end with Chase gone, House in jail and Wilson dying ,and NCIS all but ruined poor Jimmy’s wedding and may have killed off Ducky.   Is there any reason tv series have to end on downers?

In happier news, Warehouse 13 is due to start up July 23 and I’m wondering if they’re bringing Jinks back and if poor Claudia will ever find a love that sticks around.  White Collar begins July 10th – wondering how they’re going to get Neal back from skipping the country?  What Not to Wear comes back May 29th.  I’ve missed them.  I truly love my DVR!!  If not for H2 I would not have enjoyed these past few months in tv land.



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2 responses to “The End

  1. Chris Goodin

    I loved the ending for house! It was the best they could make it given the build up and the amount of suspense. I believe it is a fitting end for all the characters in the end.

    • I cheated since I couldn’t stand the suspense and looked up the ending on line this morning (I’ll watch it tonight). Yeah, I agree with you. I still can’t wait to see it.

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