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So… reading through my magazines and prepping for yet another round of purging, I came across these gems:  Dallas returns June 13 and I had the biggest crush on Patrick Duffy.  I’m crossing my fingers they bring Victoria Principal back as well.

I still love the menswear look and would kill to be able to pull off a white double breasted pants suit.It’s that time of year when I get sick of my relaxer and think about chopping off my hair and going natural.  I love Kim Coles’ curls and there’s a new line of products for transitioning from Carol’s Daughter called tadaa Transitioning 1,2,3.

Elle is having a contest for a $10,000 wardrobe!!  Go to to enter.  Can you say little Gucci dress?  Sure you can.

 Two new books I want to check out Gilded Age by Claire McMillan which is a retelling of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.  I think it’s hysterical that it takes place in Cleveland and not Manhattan.  Catherine Straut calls it “…a rich romp of a read.”  Then there’s Better Than Alright: Finding Peace and Power.  It’s the story of the singer Ledisi’s life told through pictures, poems and prose.  I love the page that I came across, “Tell Me I Can’t So I Can Show You I Can.”Came across two new diets:  The Green and White Diet “the unofficial diet of the fashion world” and The Dukan Diet “rumored to be the diet of choice for Kate Middleton and her mom” ‘nuf said.Finally Essence magazine is having a fairytale wedding contest for six (already chosen) couples.  Go to to read their stories and vote.


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