an indulgence a day

I had so much fun with the A to Z blogging, that I decided to find another thing to follow.  So, I pulled out this book I got for Christmas a few years back — An Indulgence A Day:  365 simple ways to spoil yourself  by  Andrea Norville and Patrick Menton. 

Now I’m not picturing that I can keep up that pace and some of the things I’m not overly interested in, but what a fun (and admittedly easy) way to find blog topics.  I’m thinking I’ll do this until the end of June and then pick up something else to babble about.  Let’s get started:

 Make your own sugar body scrub – Okay, this one I can give a shot.  I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow!  (Clink on the picture above to link to a recipe.)  So I’m just wondering if any of you have ever tried your own homeopathics?  Either health or beauty?



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4 responses to “an indulgence a day

  1. Forgive me, if this is an intrusion but your topic struck a cord with me. Friends and I just finished (May), with a month long challenge and on July 1st we are organizing a meme. We would love more people to participate. It is just one day long and it is July 1st. Here is the link with more information. ( Also check out last years. I am sure if you take part, you will enjoy it.

    • While I am pleased and impressed that anyone would add me to their meme, I have to tell you the title of your blog is a bit off-putting. While it sounds forthright and honest, it could travel into places I don’t care to go. So with the best of wishes to you I must respectfully and somewhat regretfully decline your kind offer.

  2. Chris Goodin

    How has the rub worked out?

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