So… my weekend indulgences were probably not on anyone’s idea of luxury, but hey I’ll take what I can get when it comes to indulging!  So, I used the homemade sugar scrub and it was great!  I was so surprised.  I’m so never buying that stuff again, when I can so easily make my own. 

I cleaned off my desk before I left work on Friday.  Which didn’t seem like much until I crawled back in today.  Oh, how lovely…

I claimed the spare room for storage and scrapbooking and got everyone in on making the changeover.

I held the door open for a stranger at church.

I bought and started reading Cleaning House:  A Mom’s 12 month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement.  I am in LOVE with this woman!!  I found her book through Brocante Home and her blog (MOAT) through her book. 

Today my indulgence was joining (found through reading Cleaning House).  I signed up for three months with the hope that it will hope with budgeting food.  We usually buy food supposedly for the week, but end up heading back out at least once (sometimes more) to pick up additional items.  It’s tough to make menus week after week, so this will hopefully mix things up a bit, get us eating healthier and ensure that we’re not making multiple store runs.

So now I’m looking forward to two of my favorite indulgences before the year is out:  a massage and a pedicure.  In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy another favorite (and free) indulgence.  Heading to bed early to read.  So, the May book was supposed to be a regency novel traded for Darcy’s Passions, so while I should be reading Austen I’ve opted for Johanna Lindsey’s  “That Perfect Someone”.  I was so excited to find a Lindsey novel that I hadn’t previously read!  The fact that it’s part of the Malory series just made it that much cooler.  I am an unapologetic romantic.   Now I just need Robin Owens  to get busy so I can go back and visit Celta yet again. Jan, you reeeeeally need to read at least HeartMate.  You will adore Xanthoxyl.

I watched Midnight in Paris with Holly and fell in love with the story, so of course I had to research all the characters mentioned.  While my morals certainly aren’t theirs they remain some of the most fascinating and talented people to ever have lived.  I’m reading a piece about the Fitzgerald’s right now that’s just fascinating.

Planet Fitness tomorrow night for some “pain with gain” if I unkink in time — kind of a pretzel today.  Oh, and the lava cake?  Just a little something I found while looking for an indulgence with universal appeal.  This is a molten lava cake without egg made in the microwave in under five minutes.  Booyeah!! Work that magic Honest Cooking!!



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4 responses to “Indulgences

  1. Haha! Thanks for the mention! 😀

  2. jan matthews

    Okay, Robin Owens, it is. I have been reading a wee bit more romance and fantasy mixes, one being trying to get through the Outlander series again. I’ve re-read 1 at least 3 times. I couldn’t get past the change of POV in “Dragonfly in Amber”(I know, DG is so 90s) but I finally did. Waiting for “Voyager” to come off hold and reading the “Lord John” series to go along with it. Hence the “wee.” I read “The Paris Wife” which was really good, about Hemingway’s first wife, and David does a really funny spoof of his writing style. Can’t wait for Gatsby to come out–one of the few do-overs that has my approval ;). I wish they would make an Outlander movie already!!

    • I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re going to finally read this! I really do think you’ll get into the story. I finally made it through the first Outlander and called it a day. It was good, but not quite my thing. Not enough to entice me to embark upon the entire series. Lord help me if there’s an odd POV. Ugh. Garrett is reading Gatsby for Junior English right now. I’m thinking I’ll nab his copy so I don’t have to look for another one around the house. I’m psyched to see the remake although the release is all the way at the end of the year along with the second half of the Twilight ending (I know twinkly vampires are NOT your thing) and the Hobbit. It’s going to be a VERY good holiday season!!

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