funny you should say that…

One of my dearest friends sent me this note today and it gave me pause to think, and since she gave me permission I thougth I’d share…

…funny you should say that in your last note – “trying to get to where you are thriving…” we have a phrase in hospice that is a valid hospice diagnosis: Failure to Thrive.

 I have often considered that phrase – it seems that for most of the time we do spend our lives just trying to hang on- thriving isn’t so much in evidence!! Not good – sign of the times?? or a lack of faith on my part??? Probably the latter. Possibly both.

 However, I think it’s mostly what I look at. I notice that if I count my blessings and watch for the “mini miracles” I do better than when I let the big things overwhelm me – like how am I going to pay this and that? How can I keep on working two jobs? Why am I still gaining weight and why can’t I keep it off when I lose it!! ;-D That’a always a good self distractor if I get too positive and Pollyanna-ish!!

 So, what good happened today for me??  well,   I left my home this morning clean, dressed appropriately and fed. I live in an actual home and not a box, and I have room to stretch out at night and all the pillows and blankets to myself. I don’t have to share the remote. I have adorable grandchildren. I have lovely supportive friends.  I came to work and had a message from my Jenny girl on the email first thing – that was awesome! One child texted me a little while ago that they just got their third raise in two months.  Another child managed to wrangle a ride for the school thing they are doing this weekend so they aren’t driving their car that is being held together with tape and prayer,

  In all my other life mistakes I managed to refrain from becoming an addict (unless carbs count…!!).  I believe in letting go and letting God, although I am not very good at it most of the time, but sometimes I am, and sometimes it ROCKS to be there when it catches up to someone (else)…..!!! 


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