cool stuff I found…

this quote from Sheldon’s mom:

“I’m sorry.  Did I start that sentence with the words, “If it please your highness?”  I’m SOOOO going to use this one with my kids from now on!!

From the hymn “I am the bread of Life” at the funeral for Michael Poirier  (the father of my youngest child’s friend) on Saturday:  “I am God’s love revealed.  I am broken that you might be healed.”

From a family member at the funeral :  “Mike was an everyday hero.” 

I want to be remembered as one of these.  In my mind it was one of the most touching parts of the service.

Finally I found a new site (well new to me).  simplify  Great, great tips.  Stuff you knew but it so helped to be reminded of.  I’m thinking if the budget will allow I will sign up for the “organize your creative space” workshop.


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  1. Just getting caught up on your life today while Brian is home….I love simplify 101… of my favorite life

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